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Javascript is the second most questioned language on Stack Overflow. It’s a very popular language, almost everyone has written once in his life something in Javascript, but almost everyone hates this language. Let’s understand why, and why people should love this language a bit more.

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Javascript is my favourite language and I mainly use it to program, but there are some things I would never use it for. So, let’s see my personal list of Javascript pros and cons.

Cool Javascript things

We all know that Javascript is an easy and beginner-proof language, so now let’s see what are, in my opinion, the best Javascript features. …

ChromeOS, not very popular Operating System, except for the education field. There are many false myths about this operating system, but the main question remains: can you work with ChromeOS? Yes, in my opinion, and in this article I will explain why I use ChromeOS and how I am “surviving” with this operating system.

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Why someone should like ChromeOS? It’s a closed OS and all of its apps are browser-based, right? Veeeery wrong.

ChromeOS is indeed based on the Chrome browser and it’s a very fast operating system mainly because of this. Yes, it’s very fast when doing web browsing and, let’s be honest, our entertainment is 90% based on web browsing. I don’t use ChromeOS just for its velocity, I could have used a lot of Linux distros. And in fact, I did, since I tried Ubuntu, Debian, Arch, Fedora, EndeavourOS, but the comfort of use of ChromeOS is still unmatched in my opinion, for three main reasons. …

What is HTTP? Why everyone use it? A simple analysis about one of the pillars of the web.

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What is HTTP

HTTP, HyperText Transfer Protocol, is the currently standard protocol for client-server transmission of data. It is mostly used for transmitting documents, often in form of HTML, JSON or plain text.

So, in even simpler terms, HTTP is a standard way for computers to send and retrieve data on internet.

Short story of HTTP

There is a name that can approximately summarize the story of a little bit of everything related to the internet: Tim Berners-Lee. In fact, he, along with his team, developed HTTP. But that is not all, since he laid the foundations for everything we use still today to access the internet: HTML (HyperText Markup Language, the standard way web pages are written) and all the technologies for the communications between servers and clients (browsers). …

APIs are one of the most important things when working on the backend of an application of all sorts. For a mobile app, for a website or for a desktop client, APIs are essential for the correct and fast working of the application.

One of the easiest ways to create an API to access and update your user data is with Node.JS and Express.

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Supposing that you already have Node and NPM, create a new Node project creating a new directory (possibly with the name of your project) and then running in that directory:

npm init

NPM will ask you some questions, they are pretty straightforward. After you finished, you’ll have a package.json file in your folder. Now you have a new Node.JS project, and you can install some Node modules. The module that we need is express. …

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